Pressure Washer Hoses

A pressure washer hose is a part of a pressure washer which is a mechanical sprayer, used for removing dust, dirt, loose paint, etc. It is major cleaning equipment. Its significance lies in the fact that the hose has to be able to bear the high pressure of the cleaning solution. The resistance of the hose is correlated to its quality. Following a stringent manufacturing process can help in achieving the high grade quality of hose.

What are the types of pressure washer hose?

Pressure washer hose are majorly of the following types:

Wire-braid high-pressure hose
These pressure hoses are quite sturdy and have high tensile strength. The inner wire braiding provides it a tough interior and makes it further more non corrosive. It can handle pressure ranging between 3000-1000 psi. The rugged and durable hoses can resist temperature up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and usually have bend resistors at both ends too.

Non-marking pressure hose
The non- marking pressure hoses can be used on any surface without fearing that it might leave a mark. These are approved for pressure up to 4500 psi and can handle temperature up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. These are highly used in the pressure washing industry because they are ideal when they come in contact with the cleaning solutions.

What should be considered when buying a pressure washer hose?

A buyer must keep in mind the following points while buying a pressure water hose:

  • Length: The length of the hose should be apt according to the job it is to be used for.
  • Diameter: The diameters of pressure washer hose are 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8” being the small sized, mid-sized and the large sized respectively. The small ones can handle least pressure whereas the large ones can handle the maximum pressure and are preferred for professional use.
  • Material: The material used to manufacture high pressure hoses is PVC, rubber or polyutherane.
  • Connections: Connectors are metallic components which connect the hose to the pump and the spray. At both the ends connectors are present. Different types of connectors are used in different types of hoses.

Tips and Notes
  • A pressure washer hose being so essential to the entire pressure washer mechanism does face corrosion and abrasion with use and time. It needs to be replaced from time to time
  • Using a pressure washer hose becomes safe enough with the use of good quality hose.
  • Brands like Continental and Kuriyama, just to name a few are available with us!