Sewer Jetting Hose

Piranha hose, is constructed from materials selected to provide rugged and reliable service under even the most severe and demanding conditions, found in high pressure sewer cleaning. In addition, Piranha hose cover colors conform to industry standards for maximum operating pressure ratings as follows:

  • “SP” orange = 2500 psi, available in sizes 5/8” – 1-1/4”
  • “HP” blue = 3000 psi, available in sizes ¾” & 1”
“LL” safety green = 4000 psi, available in sizes 1/8” – 3/8”

Sewer jetting hose is stocked in full, pre-coupled roll lengths of 400’, 500’ & 600’. Other lengths available, upon request. Please contact Amazon Hose for availability.

How to Choose the Right Sewer Jetting Hose?

High pressure water jetting hoses are the best tools to clear clogged drains and sewers in any industrial setup. Sewer jetting hoses are available in different specifications to meet different industry requirements. It is essential to have some knowledge of the types and attributes of sewer jetters to help you choose the right hose for your business.

Choosing a Sewer Jetting Hose: Essential Considerations
The two most important considerations for selecting a sewer jetting hose are:

  • The weight
  • The diameter

A small diameter and lightweight sewer jetter offers flexibility and ease of use. It can move easily through clogged drains to reach the farthest place. A large-diameter heavy jetter is difficult to use and handle. However, the small diameter jetter suffers in performance. If the diameter is too small and the water supply is in large quantity, the hose can build pressure at the washer or pump end. On the other hand, a large diameter hose can handle high water inflow by creating sufficient pressure at the nozzle tip end.

Thus, it is essential to determine the diameter and weight as per your specific requirements.

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