Industrial Suction & Discharge Hose

Suction & Discharge hoses can be found in a variety of applications: fuel & oil delivery, flour, grain & beverage dispensing, and material handling. It is our most popular product for storm drainage and water discharge. In addition to the numerous applications in the field, discharge hose can be found in various sizes, ranging from as small as 1/8” to as large as 12” and, in some cases, even larger.

It is important to realize that there are many factors involved in choosing the correct hose for your specific needs. One easy 
way to provide the information required, is to use the “STAMPED” method – Size, Temperature, Application, Material being conveyed, Pressure, Ends, & Delivery. Knowing these factors, will allow our expert staff to lead you in the right direction.

Amazon stocks products from manufacturers such as Alfagomma/Kuriyama, Dixon, Continental, Pacific Echo, Sun-Flo, Thermoid, Titan, and many more. Amazon always provides customers with quality discharge hose in all shapes, sizes, colors, and compounds. Compounds used might include nylon, silicone, PVC, EPDM, & nitrile.

From thin & flat, to big & bulky, Amazon’s got you covered on suction discharge hose.

More on Suction Discharge

A suction discharge hose is a semi-rigid hose constructed of a variety of rubber compounds or PVC with a spiral reinforcement made from metal or PVC in the internal layer to prevent collapsing. Also called hard suction, it is used to vacuum the media from a non-pressurized source.

Suction Discharge Hose: Uses

Apart from pumping out water, a suction discharge hose is used in a variety of applications. It is an ideal hose pipe for:

Choosing a Suction Discharge Hose

Suction discharge hoses come in several variants to serve different purposes. They are available in a range of sizes, from as small as 1/8 inch to as large as 12 inches. Based on special requirements, manufacturing companies can produce even larger suction discharge hoses. Also, the fittings and couplings attached to the hose vary according to the purpose.

With so many variations available in the market, choosing a suitable suction discharge hose is a daunting task. While choosing a suction hose, an individual must consider the “STAMPED” method. This method takes into consideration the following factors:

  • Size: The size of the hose required for the task to be accomplished.
  • Temperature: Is there any possibility of a temperature variation during the suction process? What will be the temperature of the liquid to be sucked out?
  • Application: Different hose pipes are available for different applications, such as dispensing, discharging and handling.
  • Material: The selection of the pipe also depends on the material being conveyed. For example, a hose used for water suction will be different from that used for oil discharge.
  • Pressure: Consider the amount of pressure required for accomplishing a particular task. For a high-pressure task, one has to buy a high-quality suction discharge hose with significant tolerance.
  • Ends: What is the end fitting required for the task?
  • Delivery: The physical specifications of the hose, i.e., length and width, depend on the delivery requirements. A large hose is required to deliver the material to a greater distance, while a wide hose will increase the volume output.

By understanding these basic application requirements, it is possible to buy an appropriate suction discharge hose with apt fittings.