Hydraulic Hose for Flamingo Oil Company & Flamingo Shop Serv, Inc.

hydraulic hose for Flamingo OilThe Moseley Family has been serving the South Florida automotive and fleet market since 1923. The founders of Flamingo, M.U. (Jack) Moseley and Lillian N. Moseley, visited Miami on their honeymoon and never left. The third and fourth generations Moseley’s are now involved in the business. Today,
Flamingo is the largest supplier of automotive lubricants and service equipment in Florida. “It is our goal to be a complete provider of the products, information and equipment to maintain automotive and fleet vehicles. We are selling preventative maintenance.”

Flamingo is a proven company, committed to the area and its people. Florida is their home. “Decisions are made locally and by people you know. Branches of national firms are typically rigid, inflexible and have little authority. By dealing with Flamingo, you have access to the owners. If you are looking for a long-term relationship with a quality supplier consider Flamingo.”

Flamingo Shop Serv Offered Products and Services Include:

  • Sales, service, and installation of automotive shop equipment
  • Hydraulic lifts
  • Compressors
  • Lube systems
  • Tools, etc.

Products ordered by Flamingo Shop Serv provided by Amazon Hose and Rubber Company: Air hoses, hydraulic hoses, hydraulic fittings, and hose fittings.

Customer quote on teaming with Amazon Hose and Rubber Company:
“Amazon Hose reduced our material cost and improved the response time which made our life much easier.”

How long has Flamingo Shop Serv been a valued Amazon Hose and Rubber Company customer? They have been a valued customer for over 10 years. Visit the Flamingo Company website and learn more about this unique Amazon Hose and Rubber Customer!

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  1. Flamingo needs good quality industrial hose made here in north America. I highly suggest Novaflex for petroleum tank hose and composite assemblies. Better build, product support equals cost savings for customer.

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