Amazon Hose supplies the construction industry with products for many applications including dewatering, sandblasting, and pressure washing. We can provide suction hose and discharge hose to attach to a water pump for dewatering a new site. Amazon Hose also carries a variety of products like hydraulic fittings and steam hose, as well as a full line of industrial hose, for the maintenance of industrial equipment and heavy equipment. We provide an array of products from concrete pump hoses and asphalt hoses to small hydraulic hoses on equipment, fuel hoses, and air hoses for equipment like jackhammers.

Whether your project is large or small, we bet there are hose assemblies helping you get the job done. When a hose breaks and production on your job stops, we know that costs you and your client time and money. Bring your broken hose to one of our locations and we’ll fix it while you wait. Amazon Hose helps you get back to work as soon as possible.

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cam and groove couplings

Cam and Groove Couplings

Cam and Groove couplings, also referred to as Camlocks, Kamlocks, & Quick Disconnects, are one of the most widely-used form of industrial connector in the…

Cloth push on fuel hose

Cloth Push On Fuel Hose

Our cloth push on fuel hose is one of the best general purpose hoses on the market when abrasion resistance is needed. It has an…

air hose

Continental Air Hose

Air hoses are multi-purpose in nature. They are used to deliver air to a wide variety of tools. Applications include in-plant usage, construction, mines and…

Continental Contractor Air Hoses – 300 PSI Jackhammer Hose with Air King Couplings

3/4″ X 50 FT. Red 300 PSI Standard Grade. Continental Jackhammer Air Hose crimped with Air King couplings. 3/4″ X 50 FT. Yellow 300 PSI Premium Grade. Continental Frontier Jackhammer Air…

Continental Frontier Water Hose – Heavy Duty Black with Couplings

Heavy Duty Black Continental Frontier Water Hose Coupled. MADE IN USA. Need a larger diameter or length hose? Request a quote.

Dixon Hose Mender

Material: Zinc Plated Steel For additional sizes and material, please call us 407-843-8190 or email us at Product Details Safety Notes Menders are not…

Hi-Vac / Tiger Tail Hose

Hi-Vac or “Tiger Tail,” as it’s commonly referred to in the industry, is a high-quality, heavy duty suction hose used primarily in marine sanitation, sewage…

Hose Assemblies

Hose Assemblies

Proper Maintenance is the Key to Durable Hose Assemblies In an industrial setup, hose assemblies are used for crucial operations. The improper selection and maintenance…

Hyd Assembly

Hydraulic Hose

Amazon is a leading distributor of all types of hydraulic hose, and can provide complete hose assemblies as well as bulk hose and hydraulic fittings…

Threaded and Flanged Hydraulic Hose Ends

Hydraulic Hose Ends

Hose assemblies are installed on hydraulic systems through use of threaded, flanged or tube welded ends. Factors involved in the selection of the proper hydraulic…

Hydraulic Quick Couplings

Hydraulic Quick Couplings

A hydraulic quick coupler can quickly attach to or be removed from your hydraulic hose. At Amazon Hose and Rubber Company, we specialize in Stucchi…

aquahammer hose

Jackhammer Hose

Application: Construction.  The Aquahammer hose is designed for new OSHA Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) Standard for Jackhammer Operation.   It is a twin lined system that delivers both…

Oil-Only Pads - Medium

Oil-Only Absorbent Pads – 100 Pack

Our dimpled sorbents are constructed with 1 ply of meltblown polypropylene. These pads and rolls are oil-only so they are used to absorb oil, gasoline…

Reducing Union Cuff

Threads on end of vacuum hoses to provide easy attachment. FEATURES Size: 2″ x 1-1/2″ Fits Hose Type: All Plastic

Rescue Tape Black

Rescue Tape© Standard Size, 1″ x 12′ Rolls, Black

Got a leaking hose? Wrap it up tight with silicone tape! Just stretch, wrap & get rescued™ SEALS LEAKS FAST! • 950 PSI tensile strength…

Rubber Discharge Hose

Rubber Water Suction & Discharge Hose

We carry several Rubber Water Suction and Discharge Hoses here at Amazon Hose.  Some are listed below with their corresponding specs: 150 PSI EPDM General Purpose…

Sewer Jetting Hose

Sewer Jetting Hose

Piranha hose, is constructed from materials selected to provide rugged and reliable service under even the most severe and demanding conditions, found in high pressure…

Shop Air Hose Assembly

3/8″ X 50 FT. rubber assembly with 1/4″ male pipe ends.

Swivel Cuff

Threads on end of vacuum hoses to provide easy attachment. FEATURES Cuff Type: Swivel Fits Hose Type: All Plastic

Threaded Cuff

Threads on end of vacuum hoses to provide easy attachment. Also known as a screw cuff. FEATURES Cuff Type: Standard Fits Hose Type: All Plastic

Union Cuff

Threads on ends of two vacuum hoses, joining them together. FEATURES Cuff Type: Connector Fits Hose Type: All Plastic

Universal Pads - Medium

Universal Absorbent Pads – 100 Pack

Our dimpled sorbents are constructed with 1 ply of meltblown polypropylene. These pads and rolls are universal so they are used to absorb oil, water…

Universal Spill Kit 55 Gal

Universal Spill Kit

Kit Contents: 1 55-gallon Drum 50 Pads (15″ x 19″) 12 Socks (3″ x 4′) 8 Pillows (18″ x 18″) 1 Pair Goggles 5 Disposal…

6 gal universal spill kit in a bag

Universal Spill Kit In Bag – 6 Gallon

The compact design of our truck spill kit allows for easy storage behind the seat or in a storage compartment. The kit allows drivers to…

Water Discharge Hose

Water pumps have inlet and outlet ports. Water discharge hoses are connected to the outlet port of a pump in lengths that can run up…